At Empire Fitness, it is our goal to be certain that we are taking the responsibility to help and inspire our communities, partners, customers, and suppliers to make a difference and put a positive impact on our society. Our aim is to be leaders and supporters and to contribute to a positive change in everyone's lives. We will make a difference and provide a happy, healthy environment around us every day, so that everyone we get reach of can undergo and flourish. We will do everything we can to maintain and create a sustainable, healthy future for everyone, and to make a difference in our planet by running our business the proper way at Empire Fitness.

We try to do most of our work digitally rather than using paper. We turn off all electronics that aren’t being used to conserve.

Recycle papers and plastics. Throw away any garbage that’s on the floor. Packaging our products with natural materials.

Treating our employees and customers with respect and kindness at all times. We help each other with any work needed, be a suitable space for anyone who needs help. 

Working from home some days

 to reduce the carbon footprint.

We try to do most of our work digitally rather than using paper

and make sure to turn off computers, electronic devices when they are not being used.

Volunteering to a local company, donating goods that we have extra of to families that can’t afford it. We also donate to local charities near the company.