"We want to accelerate physical activity during this global pandemic in the safest, and most efficient way possible, with engaging online, workout videos, for those who are committed to physical change."

Mission Statement

Empire Fitness is a virtual personal fitness company that brings high quality and the quality workouts somebody is really looking for in order to get in good shape. We provide anybody with a membership program where you are able to get out multiple and a various amount of videos a week which will help you stay active inside of your own house and it will really get you going. For our virtual personal fitness company we require hard work and dedication because if you do not put in the work ethic, and balance your meals and eat properly you will never get to where you want. Here in Empire Fitness dedication will be required from all of our members.


In Empire Fitness, our goal is to provide physical activity into your everyday life and make it accessible to anyone. Nowadays, many people are really out of shape and really need to hit the gym to lose weight and gain muscle. This goes for anyone out there, losing weight and getting into perfect shape can literally change anybody's life and make it way better than it already is. At Empire Fitness we are offering you the opportunity to start your journey now, and it is important for an individual to work on themselves and focus on yourselves. We noticed that because of COVID-19, people have not been getting the right exercise that they need and people that have access to public gyms do not want to go due to the risk of COVID-19, so we had created Empire Fitness to bring the gym to your home.

Train today, Conquer Tomorrow

Words from our CEO Julianna Levanti



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